answering machine

Great inventions are the result of constant efforts of those great minds that put their plans into action. The answering machine was one of such great inventions that provided the public with the capability to record messages without answering them for decades before the invention of smartphones. The design of the answering machine was a team effort of various researchers that changed the telecom industry.

The answering machine technology was first called “Telegraphone,” dated back to 1898 coined by a Danish inventor named Valdemar Poulsen. He incorporated technology that favored magnetic sound recording and replay.

Later in 1935, Willy Muller invented the first automatic answering machine which became quite popular. But unfortunately due to the technology available then, the answering machine was three feet tall and far from being portable.

answering machine

Around the same period, particularly in the year 1936, a Swiss company had introduced its first version of the answering machine” Isophone,” which was employed among business offices and telecom industries. It did not last much owing to its large size and high price tag.

The United States wasn’t far behind as in they had introduced the first version of commercial answering machines called “Tel-Magnet.” as opposed to convention, it didn’t become a hit due to its price mainly.

In 1960, Dr. Kazuo Hashimoto introduced the “Ansaphone” which was a game changer at the period.  The answering machines till produced to that date were not portable practical and came with ridiculous rice. Hashimoto invented a compact and high tech device which broke the stigma revolving around them.

It was in the early 1970’s, with the discovery of microelectronics which became much cheaper that helped soar the answering machine industry. It became more affordable, more convenient and sophisticated with more capabilities. Phone mate was introduced in the year 1971 to cater to the house consumers and had the added feature of recording over twenty messages which could be heard through the clarity and privacy of headphones. As the years progressed through the decade, the answering machines only became more popular and lower and convenient prices.

For decades to come to this product flourished among all households, but like any invention, it had slowly become outdated with the advent of mobile phones and creation of voice mail that was more advanced and convenient. The voicemail was the stepping stone to the digital sound recording that offered more clarity, more features, and advancement regarding all aspects.